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       Jinjiang Xinghui Leather Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, the Department is committed to cow split suede leather, leather palm oil, cracked leather, matte leather and PU wet hair, dry hair professional development PU leather palm and other leather products manufacturing and processing. After years of rigorous work, adhere to customer-oriented market development, through unremitting efforts to create a product of good quality, workmanship, style fashion new leather products and reputation at home and abroad, "wisdom" made the pilot enterprises.

       Companies adhering to the "exquisite, Visionary decisions, intelligence operations, steady development of" business philosophy, after 10 years of hard work and mature development of the sea, a strong trend to ensure the company's full year of uninterrupted production resources.
       The company is committed to creating "equality, mutual respect, harmony and cooperation," the scope of employment, "the best staff development for the company. The company is the interests of employees" employment purposes, to promote humane management, enterprise cooperation to achieve a member of the times healthy development trend.
       The company offers bright and spacious, environmentally friendly and healthy working and living environment, living facilities.
       Xinghui is a fantastic piece of fertile soil, elegant accommodations, advanced production equipment, standardized production workshop facilities. Giving employees more opportunities to learn and forge ahead, perennial strong uninterrupted production so that employees get the best expression of interest, to achieve two-way member companies win!
       We are eager to be able to join your wisdom Xinghui full of human warmth of family, circle your gorgeous dream growing by leaps and bounds, and jointly create a better future!