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Director of China leather association seven-time five enlarged meeting and the ninth BBS leather industry will be held in Shanghai
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  China leather NET   seven-five member of China leather Association expanded meeting of the Nineth leather industry forum will be held August 29-31st in Shanghai Rainbow hotel.

At present, the world economy has entered a period of profound change, revive the manufacturing industry has become the strategic choice of all the major economies. The founding of new China, especially since the reform and opening up, sustained and rapid development of China leather manufacturing industry, forming a complete industrial system, laid the leather-producing countries of the world. But compared with the world advanced level, and leather manufacturing industry in China is still big but not strong, independent innovation capacity, resource use efficiency, information technology has obvious gaps in level, quality and efficiency, upgrade and development responsibilities. Economic development the new normal, looking to the next decade, the new expectations, must adhere to the manufacturing of leather industry, innovation-driven, Internet + for new engines, leather manufacturing industry to develop in the digital, networked, intelligent, and strive to achieve dreams of world leather power. Therefore, this meeting's theme is "commitment to innovation made in China of 2025."

Same time, Nineth session, sponsored by the China leather Association leather industry forum will also be a grand opening. This skin industry forum insisted advocate "same world same leather" concept, to "new normal Xia build skin industry competition new advantage" for theme, through interpretation both at home and abroad economic development situation and policy to, full insight into Internet + times of new commercial mode, search leather manufacturing optimization upgrade of road, discuss brand operation management of road, for industry stability development, and adjustable structure, and promoting transformation provides forward sex spread and predictive Guide.

During the meeting, will ceremoniously announced 2015 China leather industry person of the year award, the forth session of the national leather industry energy conservation environmental innovation awards results, the second national leather industry to create harmonious labor relation enterprise results, published circulation enterprises of leather industry level results, and the participants and guests at the leadership award for award-winning units and individuals. Joint construction and leather characteristic regional award ceremony will be held, organised tours "2015 China leather exhibition" and a number of activities, and build a communication platform for delegates to create more business opportunities.

The meeting will be invited to relevant ministries and related departments of the State leadership, heads of relevant international organizations and trade associations, colleges, and tanning, footwear, leather clothing, leather goods, fur, testing and other aspects of the industry leaders, experts, scholars and business leaders gathered in one, under the new normal for the leather industry innovation and development, transition development of wise words, offered a pragmatic policy.

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