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China leather industry upgrading products create green industrial chain
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  HC leather us at present, leather industry imports and exports growth bid farewell to "double digits", all falling to below 10%. In this situation, launch is critical to enhance the brand image of the leather logo. Combination of transfer and transformation, expansion and improvement of new industry development road of China leather industry more competitive.
Recently, reporter from in Shanghai held of China International leather exhibition, and China International shoes class exhibition and China International bags, and furs clothing and the clothing exhibition Shang was informed that, this year January-June, China scale above leather, and fur and the products, and business shoes industry export value for 33.461 billion dollars, compared growth 9.1%, growth down 18.74%; imports value 3.76 billion dollars, compared growth 9.3%, growth down 10.94%; achieved surplus 29.702 billion dollars, compared growth 9.05%. At this point, industry import and export growth of say goodbye to double-digit era, all falling to below 10%.
After more than 30 years of extensive development of China leather industry, has now entered a period of transition, and this transformation is not only their own development, also have forced the external impact.
The financial crisis has not yet subsided, the European debt crisis deteriorating situation, continued weakness in the global economy. Downturn in Europe, Japan and other developed economies, China's export-oriented leather was a great shock.
Meanwhile, the enterprises have to face various factor cost of upgrading, industry restructuring is imminent. How to upgrade? How to undertake the transfer of industries, where to find new markets and opportunities? These questions are posed in front of the leather business in transition.
Product upgrades and building green industry chain
Reporter from China leather Association on this year first half of industry run of research report in the found, from market view, export type Enterprise than domestic enterprise difficult do, export than major of enterprise sales declined, export profit fell; from scale view, brand shoes enterprises, and years production capacity in 10 million double of shoes enterprises anti-risk capacity and profit level high, and small and medium enterprise is about stopped failed of risk; from brand view, for abroad big brand processing of enterprise orders shrink serious, and enterprise bargaining capacity weaker.
In this situation, launched to enhance the brand image of the leather logo will play a more important role. "Strengthening cooperation between the eco-leather and leather logo enterprises can effectively enhance the brand image, of the leather industry to create green industry chain as a solid foundation." Su chaoying, President of the China leather Association said in an interview, preferential procurement of finished leather was eligible for eco-leather is just a beginning, Association will launch a series of leather work, strengthen communication, feedback market information, promoting eco-leather product development and technological progress of enterprises, to lead the sustainable development of leather industry, from the inside to achieve adjustment and upgrade.
Reporters in the interview that, aokang and conwise leather logo head of domestic enterprises. As China's first certification marks, leather logo has been recognized by the Government, businesses and consumers, as the industry quality discipline, cultivating branding success model casting and platforms.
In the new situation, the leather logo integrated into the "environmental protection, integrity, quality, fashion" and other new elements, enterprises in the choice of raw materials is becoming more and more cautious. In this exhibition, Ming industrial, industrial new century leather, leather, Thailand celebrates the eco-leather leather and other famous enterprises full debut, exhibited jointly with leather logo enterprises. "Leather logo-eco-leather" this collective brands to remain dedicated exhibition area, unified image appear on the show, in order to highlight the domestic leather industry "eco-leather" groups "natural, environmentally-friendly, healthy" connotation.
Industry moved to Midwest
Reporter learned that, in January-June this year, more than the size of our leather, fur and related products, footwear industry the industrial output value of 493.759 billion yuan, an increase of 14.58%, down 11.68% pace. Midwest rose 23.1%, 10.5% faster than the eastern part, including Hunan, Jiangxi, Henan and other production was higher than the industry average. In January-May this year, more than national scale leather, fur and related products, footwear industry profits totaled 22.487 billion yuan, an increase of 20.35%, down 12.49% pace; the Midwest grew 45.3%, 31.9% faster than the East.
From a geographical view, Southeast China facing pressure, mainland enterprises are relatively stable from the layout view, in the characteristic area of enterprise, enterprise's anti-risk ability than dispersed layout. Continuous development of industrial cluster is the Chinese shoe industry sustainable development and industrial upgrading of the main and important carrier of Chinese shoe industry development.
At the show, reporters see leather production base of enterprise exhibition, highlighting the regional brand, creating clusters, to base resource aggregation effect and cost advantages to attract a large number of well-known domestic brands and worldwide orders from buyers, the China International footwear fair one of the unique competitive advantage. "Midwest" is a hot topic in shoe-making industry for many years. As the industry shifted to the Midwest, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi and other resources and labour province in snatch "moving East of the shoe" piece of cake. Emergence of Midwest industrial base, develop, adjust production capacity, improve the industry structure, replacement, in undertaking the transfer completed transformation and upgrading.
Statistics show that in January-May this year, the country's footwear industry total industry profits of 10.066 billion yuan, an increase of 21.65%, of which Anhui growth ahead, up to 287.21%. It is learnt that the Anhui Suzhou joined hands with the China leather Association, to create "modern shoe-making industry in China", agreements with a total investment of 12 billion yuan, all completed, it is expected to achieve an annual production value of about 41 billion yuan. Reporters in the interview that, Anhui Suzhou achieved footwear clusters in a short time, and avoid various problems in the development of industry in the eastern part, in undertaking industrial transfer in the process of industrial upgrading.
Industrial transfer and transformation of Chinese shoe industry is the trend, but the transfer is not a simple move copy, but new technologies and new platforms to achieve a new leap forward, transfer and transformation, and expansion and upgrading new industry development road through industrial restructuring and reshuffling, industrial layout of China's shoe industry will be more reasonable, more competitive.
It is understood that this year's all China leather exhibition, China International footwear fair and China International luggage, fur clothing and fashion accessories exhibition area of 80,000 square meters, has attracted more than 100,000 professional visitors, over more than 20 national and regional exhibitors, and hundreds of exhibiting companies.
    Reasons: (1) existing long distance Ocean closed containers may be used, but is no longer open. But prior to shipment, will be based on the shelf unit, be wrapped with plastic sheet sealed. Therefore, after the cargo loading, the weight loss is negligible. (2) leather enterprise of practice experience proved, currently international Shang big of raw materials skin suppliers (accounted for 85% above) by provides of raw materials skin most situation Xia landing net weight and contract provides of weight errors in 3% within, part small of not specification of suppliers up not to requirements, so "goods landing net weight errors not over 3%" of provides most suppliers is can reached of, just is part not specification of suppliers need for adjustment, adjustment Hou is completely can reached of.

    4, eliminate the phenomenon of mixed Peel

    Reason: does not meet the contractual quality of the original mix, such as mixing in a steer hide such as Kraft, United States skin mixed in Mexico, serious harm tanning business interests, but also damage the United States original supplier's image, to put an end to this phenomenon

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