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The Chinese leather association delegation to the raw material of leather problem
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HC leather net news, United States is one of the largest suppliers of raw materials, China is the biggest importer of raw skin. Both for the leather industry plays an important role in the development of the world. But as the most important factor of production in leather industry, leather trade, prices of raw materials, contracts, disputes have been leather industry is very concerned about the problem. In order to regulate bilateral trade, China and maintains close contacts over.

    On October 3, 2013, should United States raw hide Association at the invitation of China leather Association delegation United States United States raw hide held the annual meeting of the Association, on behalf of China leather industry with the United States raw hide Association Board member communication forums. Sue surpassed that of Britain by the China leather Association, Chairman of the delegation team, members of the world Taiwanese Association of leather industry Bai Zhixiang, President of industrial technology company Wu Huachun, Chairman, rising leather company limited Chairman Zhou Hua and Chen Zhanguang, Deputy Secretary-General of the China leather Association.

    Meeting, the United States raw hide Association Reddington on behalf of the United States welcomed the participation of Chinese representatives, but also hopes to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation through the exchange of good. Su chaoying, Chairman of the US side expressed thanks for the invitation. He said that exchange between the two sides on each other's cooperation is very important, in the long run, only by strengthening the cooperation between the two sides in order to ensure that China and the United States leather industry of win-win situation. Maintain regular communication is important for smooth cooperation between.

    Subsequently, Bai Zhixiang, President of Wu Huachun Chairman and Zhou Hua, Chairman introduced the enterprise in the practical problems encountered in the course of trade. They stressed that China leather-making enterprises in environmental protection, labor and other costs rising, high prices of raw materials, production and operation of enterprises getting more and more difficult, profit margins are getting smaller. Given the circumstances, effects on enterprises may not be obvious problems with raw hide leather business impact is obvious, even affecting the survival of SMEs. Participants also made clear that, although the United States leather company representatives, but represents all of mainland China and Taiwan tannery.

    United States raw hide Association indicated that it would pay attention to questions raised by the representative of the Chinese side, raw hide merchants do hope leather-making enterprises sign a contract when these negotiations to reach an agreement. Given the tanneries and raw skins of different suppliers have different ways of trading, which means that the lack of uniform standards in the course of trade, so they recommend that the Chinese representatives the recommendations of specific standardized and United States raw hide members of the discussion and reply as soon as possible.

    After discussion, both sides agreed that cooperation in order to ensure better health, China and America should establish mechanisms for closer cooperation, signed a trade cooperation agreement as soon as possible.

    After the meeting, after United States raw hide Association arrangement, Chinese representatives visited the United States two tanneries and skin pickle factory.

    Communication between the main contents:

    China leather-making enterprises in the United States the original leather suppliers trade process and problems in the international contract of raw hide, 6th China leather Association solution proposals concerning the following four aspects:

    1% number 1, raw skin tolerance is unreasonable, it should be removed from contract

    Reason: few phenomena in everyday transactions often occur, in some cases more than, under the present situation of the tannery is extremely difficult, and further erode corporate profit margins, even so that enterprises become negative margins, affecting the survival of enterprises.

    Solutions: numbers is countable, and errors can be avoided. If it is not possible, buyer and seller should trust, hides the number received by the buyer should undertake, in relief, missing cases and truthfully report to the seller. Each delivery number overflows, lack of time, buyers and sellers in the notification on the basis of mutual trust, the seller can be filled in the next transaction or deduction, both sides can be settled in three-month cycle.

    2, single skin weight should not exceed the scope of the contract weight averages 15%, such as 60-62-pound steer hide weight per piece shall not be less than 51 pounds.

    Reason: seller sent the skin often appears in far less or far greater than the contract weight of hides. Like, contract provides weight for 60-62 pounds of castrated leather, often will appeared many 50 pounds, even many 47 pounds about of skin, to leather Enterprise processing brings many problem: (1) no approach group batch, leather process cannot control processing quality, like soaking, and dip gray, and softening, water field process, easy appeared small skin processing had big or big skin processing insufficient of situation, on leather quality will produced is big of effect. (2) the buyer will have to be large and small skins picks out, processing, respectively, for a long time keep a certain amount of skin, resulting in waste of time and money. (3) due to the skin directly affects the size of the utilization rate of finished leather, small, utilization is low, leather products and raw materials account for leather size and quality have strict requirements.

    5% 3, original weight loss tolerance is too high, will be changed to 3%

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